Eagle Financial Group understands the unique challenges that Retired clients face. We work with clients that are retired and are soon to retire. Our unique approach to planning has helped over 40,000 clients have the Peace of Mind they want and deserve.

Our unique approach to planning involves 3 key areas Estate, Financial and Health. These areas increase in importance to our lives as we get older. Estate planning is the process of making decisions of what do we pass on to our heirs. Their are different ways to accomplish this but the key point is that decisions that are made impacts the financial part of a person life including their spouse. Financial planning decisions impact Health and Estate decisions. Health impacts the Financial side of lives. They are all interconnected.

Traditional Financial planning is focused on growing your assets while you are working. That type of planning struggles to offer solutions that address the unique issues in retirement. The good news is that Eagle Financial group is not Traditional.

Estate, Financial and Health planning is our speciality and we understand how it impacts our clients and how it works all together.

Estate Planning

Give your family more control in settling your affairs with less stress.

Financial Planning

Protect and preserve your assets to and through retirement.

Healthcare Planning

Protect your savings from the risk of long-term care expenses not covered by Medicare.